20 OCTOBER, 2022

Circular economy is everywhere

Don Antonio Pacini, our founder, mentioned at the premiere of the Group’s Sustainability Report that “all of us are the protagonists of circular economy” and that it is everyone´s duty to teach at home, in schools, and even at work to reduce, reuse and recycle, but how are we doing it?


We implemented Plastilene University as an internal training program to innovate in our processes; we work with our customers in eco-design, thinking about closing the cycle of materials (less inks, less materials, less printing areas, etc.); we support suppliers in the incorporation of sustainable practices; we participate in academic scenarios, sharing our knowledge and with the end user we build synergies, as Circular Movement.

Making the best use of resources

A year ago we decided to join the Circular Movement as partners, an educational initiative that links communities and companies to accelerate the transition from the linear economy (produce, consume and dispose) to circular economy, in search of a world without waste.

The idea of the Circular Movement is to promote processes, products and attitudes in favor of circularity, from the following:

  • A hub of educational content for consultation and download aimed at teachers, students, families and
  • Direct access to Circular Academy, an educational platform available in three languages, which allows certification in basic concepts of applied Circular Economy. It showcases real cases from food, plastic and transportation industries.
  • Collaborative map of initiatives across the Americas that inspires to see every activity without waste.
  • A messenger. Muti is the character that inspires children to renew themselves and see the world in a circular way. Through audiovisuals and books, “muti-ideas” are shared to avoid waste and transform waste into resources.
  • Promoting ideas that give new meaning to plastic. The winning project of the 2022 edition of the circular challenge, which consisted of the manufacture of railings and signs with recycled plastic in the busiest avenue of Mexico City for people with disabilities, was supported by the Circular Movement to participate at the Global Engineering Education Conference -EDUCON.

Since 2020, the Circular Movement has managed to impact more than 700 thousand people, consolidate 47 alliances in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, and add dozens of initiatives on the map. Furthermore, a year ago they managed to have 1,000 enrollments in their educational platform and, consequently, to be a media reference.

Getting involved

Undoubtedly, all of us are protagonists of circular economy, because regardless of our profession or occupation, it is possible to adapt it contributing to a world without waste.

In our case, we move towards plastic circularity with a sum of actions as simple as sponsoring a recycler, directly delivering plastic packaging without contaminating; spreading messages of correct separation in the environment; adopting sustainable consumption habits and implementing forms of production, which take into account the rational use of resources. Get involved, you are part of the solution!


“Every city needs to function more or less like a living organism, capable of transforming substances to keep its metabolism functioning.”

Circular Movement