Sheet Extrusion

Multi-layer Extrusion of Film and Sheets

In this process we combine up to 3 layers of plastic resin to produce semi-stiff sheets and stiff sheets with a range of 150 to 600 microns in thickness. The extrusion process is a continuous operation in which a polymer is casted and transported in a hot screw and barrel machine.

The casted mass is pressed again so that it can fit through a filter screen, which is then passed through a gear pump until it reaches a flat matrix that produces a sheet of cast material. This sheet is then cooled and homogenized by going through a callender of refrigerated rollers with a large diameter. After that, the sheet is passed through pulley rollers and rails, up to the winding unit to produce rolls of plastic sheets with specific characteristics.

In this process you also have the option to add silicone coating to facilitate the discharge of thermoformed products or the injection of inert gases that reduce density. This reduces the amount of raw material used in a number of applications.