9 JANUARY, 2020

New agricultural frontiers

The ratification of law 1787 of 2016 allows medicinal cannabis farming to be performed legally and it has revolutionized the greenhouse market in Colombia. We are now reaching new frontiers: a plant that follows the highest quality standards; with a wide scope for growth.

Plastilene has been approaching this market through the creation of transparent Infralene that has proven to be the most attractive product for producers thanks to its thermal characteristics and positive light management for plants. Plastilene participated at Expocannabis, held on the 10th and 11th of May 2019 – the most important fair in the region, which took place in Cartagena.

More than 1500 people that are closely linked to the guild participated at the fair and the fact that 150 companies attended the event also proved to be significant. There were also a number of VIP speakers such as Vicente Fox (the ex-president of Mexico), Juan Manuel Galan (legal advocate) and other renowned members of this sector.

We expect that by 2022 there will be close to 1000 hectares of cannabis contained in greenhouses and the sector will become one of the great exporters of medicinal products around the world.