3 NOVEMBER, 2022

ColombiaPlast, plastic circular economy does not stop

ColombiaPlast XI edition had a space dedicated to the promotion of circular economy, sustainable production and closing the loop of materials.

That is the reason why our companies Altalene, Plastilene and Reciclene took part with a booth and a conference where we were able to introduce the Group’s vision on the circularity of flexible plastics.

Rethinking in all aspects

At Circular Economy conference as told by Plastilene Group, Luisa Ribero, corporate head of sustainability of the Group highlighted the results, learnings and challenges that our seven companies have by being present throughout the plastic cycle.

She emphasized that the Group’s R&D team “has been thinking about the final disposal of packaging since it was invented. So we no longer have to go to the ‘dump’ to rescue materials to see if they are recyclable, because from the moment it was manufactured, we thought about its cycle closure”.

What does each of our companies do?

She also invited all the attendees to constantly rethink themselves as producers, businessmen, recyclers, transformers and citizens, since success of plastic cycle closure depends on this, both at industrial and commercial level, as well as at home.

Circular economy is not entirely written, it is constantly evolving, but it does depend on the following:

  • Transformers such as Reciclene that provide post-consumer plants.
  • Producers such as Plastilene and Altalene which innovate in their materials according to the Rs of the circular economy.
  • Companies committed to incorporating more and more RCPs in their packaging
  • Consumers who inform themselves and dispose of recyclable waste in the white bag.
  • Recyclers who are trained and equipped with collection tools to market post-consumer plastic