29 SEPTEMBER, 2022

Altalene and Reciclene were awarded with the LOOP-ICIPC seal for recycled content.

Sustainability implies a new way of communicating

Faced with a large number of eco-labels and a variety of declarations on packaging, which sometimes spin a fine line with greenwashing and confuse the consumer, Plastilene Group’s policies are as follows: Providing clear and supported information about our products in accordance with international standards, as well as supporting initiatives that allow us to formalize communication with the consumer.

Therefore, in March 2020, when ICIPC proposed the LOOP-ICIPC strategy in the packaging manufacturers’ cluster, we joined the first seal pilot. The result of that evaluation allowed us to contribute to the optimization of the methodology and to obtain the eco-design seal in some of the films we manufacture for Incauca and Grupo Familia.

Later, with the advancement of the recycled plastic content seal in 2021, we approached ICIPC again to participate in the pilot. This proposal coincides with the start-up of the post-consumer plant and products improvement that we have been developing in Reciclene and Altalene for the recovered market.

We have 263 references certified with this seal

Initially, ICIPC conceived the seal of recycled plastic content only for products. However, after a conversation with our team about the need to generate confidence in resins with recovered material, ICIPC decided to proceed with two processes in parallel, which lasted approximately 6 months. In this way, Reciclene became the first company to receive the seal in resins with post-consumer recycled plastic content.

There were 263 references between Reciclene and Altalene, which involved hard work by ICIPC and our Sustainable Portfolio team, since the procedure, production control and traceability of information had to be validated individually.

Reciclene was awarded the seal for the following items:

– Domestic, commercial, industrial, transparent and colored post-consumer

recycled resins.Everything processed in the new post-consumer plant.

-Recycled resins, including post-industrial material.

-Products made from recycled resins. Pallets.

Altalene was awarded the seal for:

-Products that are manufactured with recycled resins. Flexible packaging.

Benefit for our customers


This certification, granted by a third party such as ICIPC, serves as an endorsement within the framework of Extended Producer Responsibility. As the standard is implemented, product traceability, formal information management and material balances become more important.

We facilitate the way for certifying our customer products.

Reciclene’s customers who will use post-consumer resins in products such as profiles, hoses, injection parts, etc. have part of the road covered in the process of certifying their product with this seal, because the raw material already has the 100% recycled plastic content seal

What’s next

In addition to keeping the certifications we have obtained (this seal is valid for 3 years and during that period ICIPC performs an annual follow-up), we will evaluate Plastilene products as shrink-wrapped and baled to start the process.

We will also work on new international certifications, which will allow us to validate the development of recycled and renewable raw materials.


“It is important for companies to understand that recycled material refers to material that comes from post-consumer or pre-consumer sources external to the production plant and that internally generated material is not considered. This is very good news for companies that want to be recognized for their sustainable practices regarding the use of recycled plastic.”

Iván Darío López

Technical and Scientific Director