27 APRIL, 2022

A packaging with a lower carbon footprint

The milk pouch democratized dairy consumption and now stands out as the best sustainable packaging alternative. Do you know why?

The milk pouch is made from a recyclable material and can be recycled. It is lighter than other packaging and generates up to 73% less carbon footprint than multi-material carton*.

Facilitates constant innovation

With the purpose of advancing towards sustainable plastic management, Plastilene Group has offered our customers a sustainable packaging portfolio based on eco-design. For the dairy sector, we have packages with less gauge, which allows us to reduce the amount of plastic per package by up to 20%, a great advantage when the cost of raw material increases in the market.

It should be noted that gauge reduction is achieved even in 7 or 9-layer structures without affecting the barrier to light and oxygen and that, although gauge requirements vary according to the customer’s needs, minimum thicknesses work best when the packaging technology is advanced.
Within Plastilene Group, in addition to producing milk bags, we also transform their waste into raw material, hence the importance of ensuring compatible materials in their structure.

An effective solution that contributes to circular economy


Designed to return to the system, the milk bag is technically recyclable. However, our commitment goes beyond that, as stated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, it is not only about reducing negative impact of “extract, produce, waste”, but also about generating economic opportunities and environmental and social benefits. We invite our customers to join forces with suppliers, end users, waste pickers, trade associations and other actors in the chain to close the loop of the milk bag.

All the attributes of this sustainable packaging can be communicated to the consumer through self-declarations on the packaging, which allow informing, educating and guiding them to opt for a sustainable purchase and make a correct separation at the source.




*Source: Life Cycle Analysis Study Long-life UHT plastic film Vs Multi-material packaging developed by the specialized environmental consulting firm GAIA in 2019.