18 APRIL, 2022

From plastic waste to high-quality raw material!

For most people, plastic is “waste” because they don’t know what to do with it, but it turns out that it has multiple benefits and, moreover, it is recycled.

At Reciclene, as a principle of circular economy “garbage” concept does not exist. We have been transforming plastic waste into recycled pellets with a quality comparable to pellets made from virgin raw materials for more than 40 years. We started by recycling post-industrial plastic from our plants in Colombia, including those of some of our customers, then post-commercial waste, and now we will recycle post-consumer plastic from households.

“It is interesting to see that Plastilene Group provides us with packaging material, helps us to recover packaging from one of our processes and soon will also help us to recover consumer packaging, so that we can begin to talk about circular economy in flexible plastic packaging”, are the words of Jineth Rendón from Grupo Familia.

In addition to preventing plastic waste from reaching landfills or ending up in ecosystems, these efforts have allowed us to be one of the leading companies in projects to close the plastic loop in different applications such as new packaging, films and solutions for agribusiness, garbage bags, plastic pallets, components for construction and infrastructure and injected parts, among others.

Today we are preparing for a milestone in the history of Plastilene Group, and although we had the idea of building a post-consumer plant in mind 20 years ago, we are convinced that there is no better time than the present to start it up.

With this investment, Reciclene will expand its processing capacity to 10,000 tons of post-consumer plastic waste per year, including polypropylene, high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene.

How does this post-consumer plant benefit our customers?

We transfer the Group’s sustainable values to your products:

  • The recycled pellets used in the product are produced at Reciclene, a certified carbon neutral and declared climate positive and zero emissions plant.
  • The suppliers of post-consumer household plastic waste incorporated in the pellets include trade associations of waste pickers.
  • Carbon footprint is reduced by using recycled plastic materials in the product.

Whether in collection, transformation or reincorporation, the Group ensures that the entire value chain has good practices to maintain or increase the product quality.

This post-consumer plant reaffirms our commitment to strengthening the closing of plastic looploop while continuing to train waste pickers in the collection of plastic waste and raising consumer awareness of the importance of playing their part in separating plastic to give it a second life.