28 APRIL, 2022

Guide to the materials we transform at the new Reciclene post-consumer plant

Thanks to the new Reciclene´s post-consumer plant which is already operating in Tocancipá, we will transform 13 thousand tons of plastic waste per year into quality raw material for secondary packaging or new products such as: cores, pallets, buckets, etc.

These are some of the technically recyclable containers and packaging that you use and that, from now on, will have more possibilities of having more lives:

High density polyethylene

Low density polyethylene




Remember that you can prevent these usable materials from ending up in landfills or ecosystems by depositing them CLEAN AND DRY in the white bag or by delivering them directly to the recycler in your area.

In circular economy, we strive to ensure that recycled products are of equal or greater value than their initial application.

We count on you!