PET sheets with or without a barrier for thermoformed packaging

Stiff PET sheet with excellent transparency and shine, provided in calibers ranging from 5 to 25 millimeters. Provided in the form of rolls or sheets. For use in all kinds of windows, die-cutting in general, printing and thermoformed packaging for different sectors: food, beauty, hardware stores, cleaning products, personal care, amongst others. High levels of efficiency in hot sealing and blisters with PET-cardboard sealing, PET-PET sealing, trays etc.
Within the food sector we have ventured into the development of PET laminates containing barriers that adapt to the demands of the product being packaged, which extends the shelf life.

  • Packing
Type of format
  • Rolls
  • Excellent transparency and shine
  • A range of applications
Group companies that produce them
  • Vinipack S.A.S.
Production country
  • Colombia