Masterbatch and compounds

A concentrated mix of dispersed pigment or additives within a resin that is provided in the form of granules. The dispersion is performed using fine particles that have been placed in a plastic carrier that is compatible with the resin to be used. Its quality is measured by looking at the size of the particle; the degree of dispersion and the quality of the resin or its compability. Another important aspect is the mineral content included in the composition that needs to be integrated according to the content permitted in the final process or product.

  • Plastic film manufacturing
  • Films for agricultural use
  • Woven fabrics
  • Injected products
Type of format
  • Sacks / granules
  • Long-term protection
  • Reduces premature degradation
  • Adequate UV blockage
  • Minimizes deterioration of mechanical properties
  • Easy processing is guaranteed
  • Profitable solution with good yield
Group companies that produce them
  • Reciclene S.A.S.
  • Interplast Overseas Colombia Ltd.
Production country
  • Colombia