Packaging and Technical film

Underlying each of the plastic films on the market, whether for industrial, agricultural, construction or consumer product packaging, there is an extensive product engineering work that involves:

- Translate the needs of each application.
- Validate the legal requirements to which the film must respond.
- Select the combination of materials and processing techniques.
- Define the specific sequences, controls and conditions for each process.

The functionality required in the film can be classified into different characteristics groups:

- Eco-design and sustainability criteria.
- Specific mechanical properties important for the application.
- Gas permeability levels and optical properties adapted to each application.

Through the combination of materials and manufacturing processes, Plastilene Group can offer:

- High gloss surface finishes.
- Matt-looking finishes.
- Films with different levels of visible light transmission and diffusion.
- Films with UV light blocking properties in specific ranges depending on the application.
- Films with control properties of the infrared light portion
- Combination with metallic effects.
- Mass pigmentation with different single or two-colour alternatives.
- Weatherproofing and more.

Our extensive experience in designing films for applications that require durability in different weather conditions we offer:

- Design aspects focused on functionality and particular needs.
In the category of attributes of use and final disposal of the product, we have:

- Easy opening of the package.
- Resealability.
- Ripping properties.
- Graphic designs with windows or content grading scales.
- Embossing or high friction surface finishes that allow safe stacking of goods.

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