Film for Agro-industry

Extensive portfolio of films that serve the agro-industry, in crops, post-harvest stages and packaging of production:

- Control of temperature conditions.
- Selectivity of the type of light the plant receives in its growth process.
- Protection against the incidence of pests.
- Crop protection against the incidence of climatic factors such as wind, rain, hail and extreme temperature changes
- Weed growth control.
- Optimization of water usage.
- Reduction of agrochemical usage.

Depending on the farming technique, our Group has different types of films:

- Greenhouse covers.
- Films for gutters and enclosures.
- Mulch films.
- Hydroponics films.
- Geomembranes and films for reservoirs
- Flower packaging films.
- Trays and sheets for fresh produce packaging thermoforming
- Silage bags.
- Bags for packing fresh products.

Group companies that produce them