28 MARCH, 2023

Business sector vision regarding sustainability challenges

“The dream is to stop talking about waste, and start talking about opportunities.”

Ángela Zuluaga

Coca-Cola President, Colombia

In the framework of the conversation Challenges of sustainability and environment in Colombia, led by Prisa Media, Caracol Radio and El País; business sector shared their vision on how to address the country’s main challenges: stop deforestation, mitigate climate change, contribute to the circular economy and take care of water.

What goals did they set?

Diageo, one of the invited companies, expressed that their priorities are focused (by 2030) on carbon neutral and zero waste certifications, meanwhile, they will start working on the elimination of all the boxes of their products.

Similarly, by 2030, Coca-Cola has proposed to collect 100% of its packaging and Nutresa will seek to make 100% of its packaging recyclable, compostable or reusable.

Consumer education is key

Just as the Environment vice-minister believes that the circular economy must reach the entire territory, the Swedish ambassador affirms that separation at the source is fundamental to increase the use of materials; at least that was the strategy used in her/his country to have a use rate above 90%.

All of us are part of the solution

Plastilene Group believes that scenarios like these are important to articulate initiatives and raise awareness among all actors in the chain of the importance of their role in promoting the circular economy of any usable material.